Expertise in Corporate Risk Management


Delivering customized solutions requires knowledge of the business and market in which the customer is embedded. In this context, understanding its strategic objectives is fundamental so that the Risk Management Program (RMP) is elaborated with a focus on the growth, profitability and continuity of the company.

This is why Risk Veritas is ahead when it comes to Corporate Risk Management. A broad portfolio of services, coupled with the technical knowledge of industries in different segments, allows us to develop projects that clearly portray the opportunities and risks of each business, enabling our clients to make better decisions.

Opportunities for Cooperation


Risk Veritas works in an integrated way with clients, brokers, insurance companies, reinsurers and investment funds to develop customized solutions based on the needs of each business. From small family businesses to large conglomerates in Brazil and abroad, our team of consultants is prepared to meet all market segments with the same standard of excellence.

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