National and International Cargo Trades – Air, Rail, Inland, Maritime and River modes.

Marine Cargo operations range from standard cargo to large and unusual exposures, and require professional risk analysis. We have the experience and knowledge required to guide you to properly managed these risks.

    • Review the inland and international Supply Chain & Logistics processes and Risk Management improvements. It includes transportation, inventory and contracting of suppliers. Diagnosis of malfunctions, suitability of packaging, stuffing and lashing.
    • Cargo Risk Management: Accidents are much less likely to happen if cargo is secured according to established standards on ship or at the warehouse, especially in bad weather. It is also important to rigorously evaluate the use of transport – and other equipment for their ability to withstand rough weather. We assist our clients with cargo risk management initiatives to safeguard their business and minimize the total cost of risk.
    • Cargo risk management includes services such as the identification and evaluation of the client’s major exposures, analysis of incurred losses, assistance with reducing and improving risks, and staff training.
    • Our worldwide network can afford innovative cargo and logistics solutions to meet the individual needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, traders, and logistic providers involved in world trade for industries such as pharmaceutical, consumer goods, financial, mining, oil and gas, forestry, defense and aerospace, chemical, commodities, electronics and communications, agricultural, and construction.

Transportation Planning and Management of Hazardous Products:


Manufacturing and logistics of hazardous products presents numerous risks and subject to combination of adverse factors – road conditions, occupation, maintenance, traffic volume, signaling, atmospheric conditions, state of preservation of the vehicle, driver experience.

Adequate manufacturing and logistics risk control are mandatory to safeguard people and environment.