On a global scale environmental issues have grown from traditional risks such as land contamination and air emissions to include sustainable use of resources, ozone depleting substances and global warming concerns. The contribution of industry to these impacts, and the control exercised by individual industrial locations is now closely monitored by regulators and other stakeholders.

Adequate environmental investigation and assessment of industrial sites ensures the identification of key environmental areas of concern, potential liabilities, or upgrading requirements.

The environmental program of a company as a whole should combine elements of adequate design and operation, with suitable maintenance and site-specific procedures, staff training and development, as well as effective emergency management.

Our Services Include:

– Analysis of Environmental Risks for Mitigation of associated Economic-Financial Risks.

– Investigation of industrial sites including the identification of potential loss producing situations;

– Assessment against legal requirements and industry standards;

– Preparation of recommendations to improve environmental performance and/or to mitigate industrial impacts on the environment;

–  Follow-up procedures to ensure that identified problems are appropriately dealt with.

– Analysis of the Operations and the potential risks of non-compliance with the Laws that deal with the obligation to contract Environmental Insurance.

– Technical guidance and support in the contracting of environmental insurance policies with the insurance market.