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Get to know some of our specialties in Risk Management

Mapping of national and international logistics processes; Implantation and improvement of risk management in the Supply Chain.

Risk Management in Supply Chain

Operational Risks Analysis at airports and port terminals of general and bulk cargo.

Risk Management at Ports and Airports

Mapping and Risk Management of productive processes. Work safety training and support. 

Risk Management for Civil and Environmental Liability

Set of measures to guarantee Reliability and Performance of detection and fire fighting systems.

Fire Protection System Management

Food production faces complex challenges such as climate change and restriction of natural resources, credit, insurance and others.

Risk Management in Agribusiness

We apply Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to create a high-definition image about risk.

Big Data and Analytics for Risk Management

International Risk Veritas has a portfolio of consulting services and specialized solutions to create sustainable corporate risk management (ERM) programs to enhance opportunities, and add value to stakeholders.


Risk Veritas - Corporate Risk Management Consultancy with strategic approach.